2012-2013 School Year

May 10th, 2013 (The “Pope Girl” Incident)

Apr 24, 2013 (Swimsuit issue)

Apr 17, 2013 (Dark Carnival, North Carolina divorces from reality, and Humans vs. Zombies)

Mar 27, 2013 (readme is unbiased, the Titanic II, and the Conflict Kitchen TV Show)

Mar 20, 2013 (CNN and Steubenville, Republicans Might Like Gays, and Students Flee Pittsburgh)

Feb 20, 2013 (The Pope Resigns, Blackboard Stays Up, and readme reviews watchme)

Feb 6, 2013 (Cats of Middle-Earth, and a Deadly Cootie Epidemic)

Jan 23, 2013 (readme gets a new format and begs people to join)

Dec 5, 2012 (Serbian Vampires, the Fiscal Cliff, and the Holiday Season)

Nov 14, 2012 (Fowl Play, A New President)

Oct 31, 2012 (Halloween and Elections)

Oct 17, 2012 (LOTR Currency, and Politicians Playing WoW)

Oct 3, 2012 (Ceilidh Weekend!)

Sep 19, 2012 (Politics, Maple Syrup, and Drugs)

Sep 5, 2012 (Orientation Edition!)

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