New Anime Sparks Controversy with Blatant Sexism

by Ben Kaplan, Western Moral Guardian


A new anime entitled “Another New Insulting Manga Episodic,” or ANIME, as its fans call it, has been publicly criticized for its overt sexism and excessive use of fanservice. Many fans of the genre assert that real anime needs not resort to such cheap tactics, while ANIME supporters argue that it’s an artistic choice like any other.

The supposed flaws in ANIME largely center around its hypersexualization of women and pandering to the male gaze. First of all, there’s this obsession with accidentally molesting women. In the opening episode, a happy-go-lucky lad goes about his business when all of a sudden an unexpected happenstance causes him to trip into a female character with massive [SPOILERS]. And in another episode, the same exact thing happens. And in another. And another. And another—except in this last case he was wearing magnetized gloves that caused him to fly towards the female character’s [SPOILERS], since the female was wearing advanced mechanized battle armor (customized for her unique [SPOILERS]) that was magnetized by the villain’s electric chi attack. Crazy coincidence, huh?

And then there’s the [SPOILERS] shots. Let’s not even get into the [SPOILERS] shots.

…And the constant sexualization of preteens.

…Aaaaand the, just, wow the jiggling. [SPOILERS] H. Christ, that is some jiggling what’s going on.

While some may argue that tropes present in some pretty much every anime do not necessarily characterize Japan itself, a nation whose traditional cultural values remain strong to this day, that shit would not fly in America! We are a land of moral people! We don’t stand for this sicko bull-crap! No, all we need here in the ol’ U-S-of-A is some good old-fashioned violence! Amen!


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