TOC to be Rescheduled Earlier for July Next Year

by Kwanpo Cheng, Professional Professional


As the technology sector continues to grow indefinitely without signs of stopping, large companies have been looking to hire their summer interns at an increasing rate. While this year’s Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) has taken place at the start of the academic semester, coinciding with the pressure of many students’ first homework assignments, officials say the TOC in 2017 will take place in July, almost two months before school officially opens.

“We have considered carefully about the timing of this wonderfully successful conference,” President Subra Suresh said in an interview. “We recognize that schoolwork often interferes with our students’ professional development and places unnecessary additional stress. If we make the process occur earlier during their time off, then they will not have to worry about it later.”

News of this broke shortly after Carnegie Mellon’s professional development liaison met with representatives of large companies, who unanimously agreed they would like to have first priority at hiring CMU students.

“Your academic career is all about getting that amazing job at your dream company and nothing else,” said a spokesman for Facebook. “We figured, why not let it happen over the summer so it can consume every part of your life? You can do that instead of hang at the beach all summer. And trust us—we know you did,” he added.

Carnegie Mellon has released a long-term plan involving moving up dates for the TOC and other career conferences. “If this goes well, we can expect to have a long wait-list of summer internships by the year 2020,” said Kevin Monahan, head of Career and Professional Development. “Students will be able to apply for jobs two, three years in advance.”

The Creative Arts Opportunities Conference (CAOC) is not expected to change, however. “We don’t really know what they do anymore,” said Monahan.

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