Forbes Pedestrian Mall Closes

Spencer Early, Street Crosser

Last Saturday, Forbes Avenue officially reopened, causing much rejoicing for both motorists and pedestrians who had grown tired of looking at the perpetual traffic jams on Fifth Avenue and Craig Street. However, one group has been affected inequitably—the throngs of people who during the closure used the street as a fifty foot wide pedestrian walkway.

When Forbes closed several weeks ago, many CMU students took advantage of this seemingly rare event. But as the weeks wore on, they began to take the closure for granted. “It’s basically just a sidewalk. But what were those white stripes for? I think it had something to do with a designation for where you are allowed to walk dogs.”

Then, on Saturday, April 2nd, the unthinkable happened and vehicular traffic returned to Forbes Avenue. Some students were still desperately trying to regain their old pedestrian walkway, flitting across Forbes before the walk signal. At first, they were met with little opposition, amounting to nothing more than cars swerving around them. “I thought it was strange that there were cars driving right through the pedestrian mall, without anyone even getting mad at them. The nerve of some people!”

But with the return of the work week on Monday, the reopening of Forbes crushed the few remaining dreams of the new pedestrian thoroughfare. “I thought we pedestrians had it made. Now I have to wait for the all too familiar ‘beep-boop’ just to get to class”, complained sophomore street-crosser Stuart Dunmoyle. “I wish they would just build a tunnel, or invent jetpacks or something.”

Maybe one day, students living in Morewood, Stever, Mudge, or apartments north of campus will have a dedicated, pedestrian-only passage across the main artery. Until then, street-crosses can console themselves with the fact that crossing Forbes with the beep-boop is still better than playing Frogger to cross Fifth at the WQED building.

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