New Tech, Old Styles

Apple released a new iPhone, the SE — size of the 5s, specs of the 6s. What other new products could use old form-factors with updated specs?

  • LCD monitors inside CRT bodies
  • Combustion engines inside fake horses that pull a buggy
  • Casing of a big old hard disk from when computers were the size of rooms, with just enough hardware interface to get to the 512 GB USB memory stick on the inside
  • iPhone 22 specs in an iPhone 6s shell, right now in 2016
  • iPhone specs in an old car phone
  • Printers that actually work in today’s printer bodies
  • A laser disk with a Blu-ray spread across it
  • Real musicians hiding inside the iPod
  • An older person’s body with a new person’s brain (basically, a 70-year-old with the mind of a 7-month year old)
  • Skeumorphic icons
  • Flesh of an apple in a banana
  • PS4 internals with PS1 shells
  • Actually, that would be a cool, classic throwback

Funny? Not Funny?

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