App Drags FCEs out of File Cabinet, Adds Color

For example, 15-112 has good overall ratings but with a heavy workload

UNPAID ADVERTISEMENT written by Thatcher Montgomery, that integrity-less bastard

Ever wonder what happens to your Faculty Course Evaluations (FCEs) after you spend countless hours writing praise about your professors?

Well, they used to just get thrown in some dusty file cabinet on top of all the FCEs from previous semesters. Now, however, a handful of brave students have braved the mold and mildew to rummage through the cabinets and bring your FCEs into the future.

Introducing, a visually enticing way to see what people are saying about courses. Instead of having to scan rows and rows of numbers that mean this or that, cmucoursereviews provides coolio little circles with colors! Ooooooh.

You can also comment on a course or ask questions directly on the website. So if you need to clarify that by “A lot of homework,” you really meant “SO MUCH HOMEWORK OMFG,” you can do that.

This website seriously does make FCEs much more intelligible. But don’t just take readme’s word on it. Visit today and see for yourself!

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