Things You Planned to Do over Break, and Things You Actually Did

• Planned: Have an alcohol blood content when the ball dropped

• Did: Had an alcohol blood content when the ball dropped

• Planned: Parenthood

• Did: Defunded

• Planned: Sleep and also be productive

• Did: Sleep

• Planned: Win the Powerball

• Did: Not win the Powerball

• Planed: Wood

• Planned: Re-unite with family, friends

• Did: Remembered why you only go back home for a few weeks at a time

• Planned: Gorge on holiday food

• Did: Gorged on holiday food

• Planned: Get a head start on job applications

• Did: Got a head start on your Netflix queue

• Planned: Watch the new Star Wars

• Did: Watched the new Star Wars, six times

• Planned: Make a New Year’s resolution and follow through

• Did: Made a New Year’s resolution, put off following through

Funny? Not Funny?

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