Things to do On-Campus over Thanksgiving

Some students have the luxury of going home over Thanksgiving break, while others might have an invitation to a friend or professor’s house. However, there will always be those who take the solitary road, and spend the weekend alone in their dorm rooms. Here are some suggestions of fun activities you can do while your classmates eat homecooked meals and relax.

• Eat an entire chicken-in-a-can

• Study harder

• Study Hard 3: A Good Day to Study Hard

• Make a giant mess in the dorm kitchen and then not clean it up

• Clean up the mysterious mess in the dorm kitchen

• Capitalize on the spike in thank rates. Hoard all the thanks you can get over break, and then resell them in December at a higher price

• Make sure your gift blankets are free from any foreign diseases

• Find a professor who dresses up in a turkey costume (they exist) and dress up with them

• Thank your friends for sticking with you through this hard and lonely time- Uh, hello? Anyone there?

• Be thankful for Black Friday

• Sleep. The entire time. Not like you’re going to get any sleep when classes are in session, right?

• On second thought, what kind of CMU student doesn’t have homework to do over Thanksgiving break? You ain’t got no time for sleep, buddy

Funny? Not Funny?

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