Florida Man Does [Outrageous Action]

Fill in the blurry object Florida man proffers!
Fill in the blurry object Florida man proffers!

Dylan Vrana, Mad Libs Correspondent

Last Wednesday in Broward County, Florida, the police were called to the trailer of local man Nathan Lee-Davis. After his neighbors complained about his [untrained exotic pet], Davis became agitated and violent, and, while wearing only [article of women’s clothing], attacked them with an [unlikely bladed weapon].

Davis drove the two back to their trailer, where they held him at bay with their pet [large, aggressive breed of dog] and a [Nazi-made pistol] from their collection long enough to call the police.

When the police arrived, Davis claimed to be the reincarnation of [ancient Egyptian god] and rushed at the cops armed only with [food item]. He was easily subdued and arrested. Drug tests reveal that he had meth, [dangerous street drug], and [prescription painkiller] in his system at the time. A search of his house revealed piles of poached [endangered animal] skins and katanas.

Davis has since claimed that the arrest infringed on his natural rights. He is suing the county for [big number] dollars.

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