Students Excited to Celebrate Scottish Heritage at “Kale-y” Weekend

Alumni getting a little wild with their kale
Alumni getting a little wild with their kale

Thatcher Montgomery, Kale Correspondent

In case you haven’t heard, the Carnegie Mellon community has one of its special events this weekend. No, it’s not Carnival yet. It’s Cèilidh weekend, CMU’s homecoming! Woo!

As Carnival’s more mature cousin, Cèilidh has all the same great ways to show you love your alma mater, minus the rides, concerts, comedy, booth, buggy, booze… You get the idea. Still, it’s a great time to meet alumni who are coming back to visit the school they graduated from in 1960.

If you’re new, or just unaware that CMU has a homecoming weekend, there are two things you need to know.

First is the 12th Annual Chili Cook-Off (because nothing is more Scottish than chili). Don’t miss this free food extravaganza, and if you get there early, you could one of a (very) limited number of mugs. Seriously, people will try to steal your mug if you’re not careful.

For the sake of journalistic integrity (readme hardly knows the meaning of those words, but they sound good), we must inform you that the Cook-Off is being hosted by the Special Events committee of the Activities Board. readme is also a committee of the Activities Board. See how useful your student activities fee is?

The other thing you need to know is just how to pronounce Cèilidh. Is it a hard C, like cacophony, or a soft one, like cephalopod? What does that accent over the E do? And why is there a D?

readme tried to find out how many students actually know how to pronounce Cèilidh. One student, when shown the word and asked how to pronounce it, said something that sounded like “Ugh, get out of my way.” readme thought it was an odd way of saying Cèilidh, but we narrowly avoided getting trampled while attempting to clarify. In hindsight, it was a bad choice to survey between the two sets of doors to Doherty.

As an easy mnemonic, just think about your favorite super-food: Kale. Now turn it into an adjective: Kale-y. The tough, leafy vegetable is everywhere during Cèilidh, and as Scottish as a chili cook-off. If you find something green in your chili, it’s probably kale, a required ingredient. All of the flowers around campus are replaced with various varieties of Brassica oleracea, the Scotty Dog mascot swaps out for a big leaf of ferocious Dinosaur Kale, and of course all the dining locations serve nothing but kale.

So get pumped for Cèilidh! It’s a time for students, faculty, alumni, staff, and the whole Carnegie Mellon community to gather and celebrate the almighty kale.

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