Inside Brady’s Curio Cabinet

Pennsylvania representative Bob Brady took Pope Francis’ used water glass to drink from, share with friends and family, and bless his grandchildren. He plans to put it in his curio cabinet, where he also a water glasss that Obama drank from at his inauguration.

readme sees what else is in the curio cabinet…

• Marco Rubio’s water bottle

• Cup used to drink Kool-Aid at Jonestown

• Skull used by Hillary Clinton to drink the blood of her enemies

• Cup of Santorum’s santorum

• Ted Cruz’s last shred of dignity

• Andrew Carnegie’s heart (obviously, Brady’s curio is the work)

• One of Lynn Swann’s feathers

• A bezoar

• An authenticated Jackalope antler

• The Sacred Chalice of Rixx

• The world’s second-largest collection of gilded lilies

• Spain

• A coin dated 36 B.C.E.

• A palantir

• Five golden rings

• The word “palliative”

• Fifteen feet of gaffer tape

• Queen Margrethe’s trombone slide

• Listeria

• The Holy Grail (he chose… wisely)

• His hope for the future

• Lots and lots of alcohol

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