How to Avoid Doing Your Homework

• Take so many classes that you are constantly in class and have no time to do homework.

• Alternatively, take no classes. Drop out of school.

• Hire a dog to eat your homework.

• Cry.

• Play all the Sporcle history quizzes as review for your history test.

• Pull a Van Winkle and sleep for 30 years.

• Join readme.

• Cover your roommate’s abstract notion of self with Post-it notes.

• Discuss stress culture on Overheard.

• Alternatively, “overhear” something and count Likes.

• Do the math and find out exactly how much money you’re going into debt in order to not complete this particular assignment.

• Do your homework. Note: this only works for (reverse) psychology classes.

• Nah, I’m still sticking with Cry.

• Just one more game of League, but you can’t stop on a loss, and if you win you might be on a hot streak, sooo…

• Come up with a list of ways to avoid doing homework

Funny? Not Funny?

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