Students Enjoy Three-Day Weekend After First Week of Classes

Perfect way to spend a three day weekend. And possibly readme's first original picture.
Perfect way to spend a three day weekend. And possibly readme’s first original picture.

Although some students look like they barely made it, the first week of classes came and went without too much trouble. And of course, with such a great achievement as struggling through a week of introductions and syllabus readings, the hard-working students of CMU decided it would be best to take a three-day weekend in celebration.

readme ventured out through the neighborhoods to observe some of the students in their natural habitat. It wasn’t long before it stumbled into a lively house party. “OMG, you’re that thing that’s part of the Tartan, right?” readme made its exit shortly thereafter.

The next one was much more agreeable. Students were having a good time, standing around and shouting at each other while taking gulps from red cups. readme asked for something to drink, and after some confusion, was given its own cup. Upon inspection, readme concluded it was tap water. There must be something in the pipes along Beeler and Wilkins to make everyone so rambunctious.

At a third party, everyone was wearing clothes with strange symbols on them. “CMU is so nerdy,” one engineer dude-bro comment-
ed to readme. “It’s why we have to party every week, to let off the steam of being so nerdy.” A girl leaned in and added, “I know, it’s so terrible. I went to the midnight release of Kim Kardashian’s selfie book. I even dressed up as her, but no one else put in any effort! I couldn’t believe it. Nerds.”

On the way back to its home on the third floor of the UC, readme passed a cluster full of students. Wondering what they were doing in a cluster on a three-day weekend, readme poked its head in. “We already have homework on the first week! I don’t understand this school,” one exclaimed. “I thought they were kidding when they said 112 would take over your life, but they weren’t lying.” Another agreed: “I know, we’ve been sitting here groaning about it for hours instead of making progress. It’s just impossible!”

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