Student Becomes Friends with Entire Class at Playfair

According to first-year In-Cert Naem, Playfair will undoubtedly be the highlight of her entire year. Naem was happy to report that she was only trampled twice and lost only one shoe and $40 cash. And her smart phone. And her orientation wristband, which meant she couldn’t eat the rest of the week.


More importantly, she was able to make hundreds of new friends in the course of a couple of hours thanks to the antics at Playfair. Naem said that she not only remembers the name of every student she met, but that she felt that she had a unique bond with each and every one. “Oh, I’m sure John and I will get along so well,” Naem exclaimed. “Seeing as we both have a brother and have been out of the country. Unfortunately, he’s the older sibling and I’m the younger, so we couldn’t count that as being in common. I hope it doesn’t throw a wrench in our friendship.”


Activities such as exchanging germs via endless high-fives and becoming the champion of rock-paper-scissors were instrumental in allowing her to form these deep and lasting bonds. “Ahhh, Timmy was the best at rock-paper-scissors. Er, maybe it was Jimmy. I couldn’t really understand his name when everyone was shouting it, but that’s okay. He beat me in the third round.” readme declined to hear a play-by-play of Naem’s rock-paper-scissors.


“And then there was Katherine, who went to a high school that competed against my brother’s boarding school! We’re so connected, it’s weird.” At this point we at readme became a bit skeptical. Surely Naem was exaggerating her capacity for remembering names.


“Oh no, I’m practically friends with the whole first-year class now.” Trying to break it to her easy, we pointed out to Naem that she couldn’t possibly be friends with her whole class, since only about half of the students were at Playfair. At this point Name ran off in tears, apparently panicking about missed friendship opportunities.
“If I don’t make friends now, who will I sit with for lunch on the first day of classsessss…!”

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