Thing that are Literally the Holocaust

At a film screening last week, Robert Kennedy Jr. likened vaccination to the Holocaust. Because… autism? Yeah, autism.

readme finds this a totally appropriate comparison to make and would like to contribute its own list of things that are by that logic literally the Holocaust.

(Ha, but seriously, we know the Holocaust is an actual non-jokey thing. We do not want to trivialize it, and only use it here to mock the people who do trivialize it for their douchey political purposes.)

• Vaccination

• Reverse racism

• Persecution of Christians in today’s America

• Pittsburgh weather

• Violence in video games

• Feminism

• The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

• Cooking with eggs

• The widespread use of piñatas

• CMU final exams

• The repeated destruction of Wile E. Coyote

• Maternity leave

• When Costco closes early on Sundays

• When hot dogs come in packs of 8 and buns come in packs of 6

• Pope Francis calling Armenian genocide ‘genocide’

• Apparently, anything that is not the Holocaust but you personally disagree with

Funny? Not Funny?

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