In a Shocking Turn From the Usual, Media Chooses Sensationalism over Science!

Recently, legislation was proposed in France which would have banned agencies from allowing models with a body mass index of less than 18 to participate in Paris Fashion Week. Parliament member Oliver Veran stated that “We want to tackle the idea that agencies feel able to stop models from eating, for example, asking them to eat cotton balls to lose their appetite.” Which is pretty solid, in readme’s opinion. In fact, any bill that keeps a company from starving its employees could probably be called a positive.

Of course, newspapers and websites have done their best to accurately represent the issue, using sensible and not-at-all sensationalist headlines like “Anorexic Models: France Considers Ban of Super-Skinny Models” and “Will Banning Thin Models Help Curb Anorexia?” These news groups are, of course, referring to the belief that eating disorders are directly caused by having skinny models, and not by any other possible factors whatsoever.

Thankfully, readme’s watched a lot of made-for-TV movies about eating disorders, which pretty much makes it an expert. Did you know that all eating disorders are actually anorexia? And that all cases of anorexia are caused by girls (specifically, white teen girls) seeing skinny models and becoming insecure about their weight? And you can tell whether a person is anorexic based solely on whether they’re skinny or not? Sure, some sources like ‘everything we know about psychology’ or ‘the DSM-V’ claim otherwise, but did the DSM-V ever win a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie? readme thought not.

See, the problem with disorders these days are that they’re too complicated. Anything from a person’s family life to their work environment to past medical history could cause them to develop an eating disorder. And that means if we want to stop people from getting eating disorders, we’d have to fight all those factors and that’s just hard. But if we just say models did it, we don’t have to worry about any of that! Then we can just ban skinny models and anorexia will be solved, and if anybody disagrees then we know they’re not watching enough Lifetime movies.

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