Things We Couldn’t Fit in the Also-Ins

There’s been a lot of weird stuff going on this week, folks. So much that we couldn’t fit it all in our Also-Ins. So, presenting for the first time: the Also-Also-Ins!

• To Hide Identities, MI5 Agents Testify in Court in Wigs like a Slapstick Comedy

• Department of Energy Revealed to be Spending Budget on Parties, Cruises

• Scientists Discover “Doomed” Planet, Find Themselves Reminded of Own Mortality

• Apparently Galaxies can be “Boring”? Yes, That is a Technical Term.

• Fraternity Files Discrimination Lawsuit After Being Forced Accept Women

• Turns Out Penguins Cannot Taste Fish, readme Finds This Incredibly Sad

• Police Dog Fired for Biting Cop and Donut Worker, readme Tries Not to Make Obvious Joke

• Pentagon Revealed to Have Spent $41.6 Million on Viagra. What the Actual Fuck?

• 800k People Send Wrong Info to Can We Blame Obama for This Somehow?

Funny? Not Funny?

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