Student Senate Tramples Free Speech

freedom in a cage

On Wednesday, February 18th, in Steinberg Auditorium (Baker Hall A53), at 4:30, there was supposed to be a conversation facilitated by three faculty members, a conversation entitled “Free Speech in France and Europe in Historical and Global Perspective.” But that conversation never happened.


“Why?” you might ask. It’s what readme asked. And when readme found the answer, it was appalled. The panel was “postponed” until “after spring break” because of Student Senate. Yes, fellow citizens, our very own Student Senate.


While we may think that here, in capitalist, God-fearing America, we have no worries about our free speech being taken away, the truth is far more sinister. “Personal liberty” and “freedom of speech” are buzzwords thrown about incessantly, but we must be ever vigilant for communist oppressors that disguise themselves as democratic supporters. Through their actions, Student Senate was revealed to be one such undercover, totalitarian regime.


There is no excuse for causing a panel on free speech to be canceled. That the Student Senate would dare to do such a thing only proves their allegiance to darker ideals. They claim to be a student organization, by the students and for the students, but if their outward appearance was true, then they wouldn’t be shutting down discussions of free speech. Our student government must be made up of fascist dictators to force faculty panels to disband and disperse, mere days before moderating a discussion on free speech.


Never mind the fact that the faculty chose to postpone their conversation, because Student Senate “had planned a ‘Pizza and Politics’ event on the same topic on the same day and at the same time.” This only goes to show that the tyrants in Senate are not all-powerful yet, because they had not stolen the same room that the faculty’s free speech event had reserved. There is still a chance to depose these despots and liberate our liberties! Rise, fellow citizens, and throw off the muzzles that the Senate is attempting to place over your mouths! If we don’t stop, they may even do something like open a website where students can vote on the relative importance of various issues!



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