Jon Stewart Totally Joins readme

See? This is why you attend readme meetings, Fridays at 4:30!
See? This is why you attend readme meetings, Fridays at 4:30!

Jon Stewart, king of “The Daily Show,” a small kingdom northeast of Comedyland and just west of Satireia, has made an official announcement that he will be abdicating the throne. After a 17-year reign over “The Daily Show,” it seems that he has decided to leave behind the glory of the monarchy for a more humble existence… as just another royale. Although it is not clear when this will happen, nor who will take the throne, or even if the kingdom will exist after the abdication, there is a consensus that he will be stepping down from his throne at some point that is not right now.


While this news came as a small shock to readme and others who enjoy (or are composed of) satire, there seems to be a silver lining to the unfortunate event. Lately rumors have been circulating that once he has left “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart may be joining another well-loved source of satire. That’s right, Jon stewart is joining readme. Well, according to the rumors that is.
None of this information has been verified; however, readme is confident that it is true. Having been good friends with the illustrious king for years, readme is sure that after a satisfying career on television, His Majesty Jon Stewart will be ready to spend some quality time lending his name and satirical skills to a more humble peer (that’s readme, of course). So, while the future of “The Daily Show” may be uncertain, readme can look forward to the moment, which will definitely happen, when Stewart make the official announcement that he is joining readme. Because that is definitely what is going to happen. Obviously.

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