“Super Bowl” Happens, Probably Not Important

readme’s not sure if you’re aware of this, folks, but on Sunday there was this little-known sporting event called the Super Bowl. We know, we know, you spent that night curled up in a cocoon in the computer lab working on your 251 homework and thus have no idea what went on in the outside world in your absence.


But never fear, readme has a solution, in the form of Super Bowl Mad-Libs! Simply fill in the blanks with the appropriate items and you, too, can pretend to be knowledgeable about the sportsball! Now, some might argue that since this article was written after the Super Bowl ended, readme could simply tell you what happened, but shut up. readme’s committed to this.


Mad-Libs for the game itself:


“Aw, man. Can you believe that <winning team> won the Superbowl? I was on the edge of my seat eating <greasy snackfood> the whole time. The game was so <one-sided/close, as appropriate> the whole time, I <did/didn’t> know who was going to come out on top!”


Mad-libs about the referees:


“Can you believe that call by the ref in the <pick a quarter> quarter? <player’s name> was obviously <off/not off>-sides! I was so mad I wanted to storm down to the field and <harmful physical action> the ref right in the <body part>.”


On the halftime show:


“I don’t know what they were thinking, getting <halftime performer you don’t particularly care for> to perform at halftime. Remember when we were watching <former halftime performer you liked better> or <other former halftime performer you don’t like as much, but who is a much bigger name and therefore grudgingly respectable> at halftime? Those were the days.”


On the playoffs in general:


“I still think <team who hasn’t had a chance at the Superbowl in years but you root for them out of a misguided sense of hometown camaraderie> should’ve done better than they did. Sure, it’s been <number> years since they had a decent showing, and they’ve still got <team’s current embarrassment> on the roster, but if they hadn’t lost to <team that most thoroughly trounced them this season> they’d have had a shot.”


On the commercials:

“There were commercials?”

Funny? Not Funny?

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