New Game Allows Men to Dress Avatars in Skimpy Outfits

Fans of QQ Studios have extolled the virtues of its highly anticipated new game QQ the Game, In the game, players navigate the medieval countryside, a peaceful land dotted with farms, castles, and dragons’ lairs.


While fans are pleased to see another fantasy RPG in the style of Runescape (one of the most popular games in the last fifteen years, for the ill-informed), the hype surrounding QQ the Game is due in large part to its vast selection of armor available to male characters.


The players’ primary mentor is an elderly man who wears what some have called a “chainmail speedo” and knee pads, an ensemble which, not so long ago, would have been considered far too risqué for public consumption. While some argue that this getup detracts from the authority of the character, he has nonetheless become something of an icon of male empowerment since the release of the first trailer at E3 last year.


In an exclusive interview with readme, one beta tester known by the alias XxSpaceL0rdxX said, “I’ve always wanted to see a more accurate representation of myself in a game. Girls always get the fun costumes that really show off who they are under all the armor, but this is the first game I’ve ever played that doesn’t restrict me to wearing something that covers my character’s whole body and face — I mean, why does character customization even exist?”


Others have complained that the skimpy costumes afforded to male characters reduce them to mere sex objects, adding that the armor is utterly impractical and has no place in the game. While these people are entitled to their opinions, of course, there is evidence that the only body parts that really need protecting are the genitals and the knees (which are very vulnerable to arrows), and that the rest of the armor effectively does nothing but hinder movement.


Overall, QQ the Game has had very positive reception, with an expected release shortly after that of Valve’s Half-Life 3.

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