‘League’-inspired Dating Sites


In recent app-related news, CMU alum Amanda Bradford has released a new app that’s turning some heads. The app, a dating site called ‘The League’, is marketed specifically for ‘the elite’–that is to say, graduates of Ivy League colleges who feel they’re too good to have to date anyone who is not “at least a five” (their words).


Well, readme wants in on this. If a former Carnegie Mellon student can make a dating site for ‘the elite’, surely readme can come up with its own dating site that’ll knock its socks off. Let’s see what we can come up with.


League of Legends– a toxic community, and you usually go in with a duo partner anyways

League of Urban Legends–hey, Bigfoot’s gotta get a date somehow, right?


Justice League–for superheroes


Evil League of Evil–supervillains, and fans of Joss Whedon


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen–only the most extraordinary are accepted


League of Ordinary Gentlemen–they’ll just sort of let in whoever


Minor League–dating site for minors


Miner League–dating site for miners


Little League–for those not well-endowed


A League of Their Own–dating site for misanthropes. Yeah, we’re not sure how that’ll work either.

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