Activities Fair Guide

activities fair

So, brave soul, you have decided to venture forth to the event known as “The Activities Fair.” And, for some odd reason, you have decided to wear an impractical horned helmet. Despite your choice of headgear, we believe we can give you the rundown on what’s what.

  1. The Quidditch Team may be present. Watch for Bludgers.
  2. The robo-snake seems to have lost control. I’m sure the Robotics Club will handle it.
  3. Weigand doesn’t seem like an ideal launchpad, but it appears the Rocket Club disagrees.
  4. Camelot. It’s only a model.
  5. The Ballroom Dance Club would be happy to gain a new member, although you may have to change out of your helmet and put on your dancing shoes.
  6. Although this gentleman may look like he’s here for ballroom dancing, don’t be fooled. The KGB has spies everywhere.
  7. The snitch. We don’t know where it is, but if you see it, let the quidditch team know.
  8. readme, your favorite satire news organization.

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