Presidents Less Racist than Obama (according to Ben Stein)

Ben Stein, a political commentator and actor in your favorite childhood movies, recently gave an appearance on Fox News calling Obama ‘the most racist president America has ever had’. His reasoning? That Obama insists on bringing race into completely non-race-related events like Ferguson or the shooting of Trayvon Martin. This makes him way more racist than any president ever, without exception.


So, for your edification, readme would like to present an abridged list of presidents who are far, far less racist than President Obama, because as we all know calling out racism is the biggest bigotry of them all.


George Washington: nicknamed ‘Town-Destroyer’ by Native American tribes for his part in the genocide of their people.


Thomas Jefferson: had an affair of dubious consent with one of his hundreds of slaves, only ever freed slaves with significant white ancestry.


Andrew Jackson: enacted the forced relocation of thousands of Native Americans that would later be known as the Trail of Tears.


Abraham Lincoln: was originally going to keep slavery legal so as not to offend the South, only pursued emancipation once war was already inevitable.


William McKinley: an active force in the racial segregation of the government.


Teddy Roosevelt: supporter of a eugenics advocate who believed mixed-race families were destroying America.


Woodrow Wilson: pushed for bills banning mixed-race marriage.


Franklin Roosevelt: enacted legislation preventing poor black families from getting stable home loans, authorized mass internment of Japanese-American citizens.


Harry Truman: joined the KKK to help his chances at a local election.

Funny? Not Funny?

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