China Accused in Data Hack, Again

According to a report on The Washington Post, China was the lead suspect behind the massive cyber attack that leaked EVERY of the 800,000 employees’ personal information, as well as some customer data.

Aside from talking about how USPS has such an insecure system that EVERY single employees’ information is leaked (you mean you don’t have special security protections for your top level executives?!),  let’s pause for a moment and actually examine the original article. The first paragraph is the only place where The Washington Post claimed that China is the lead suspect of this data hack. There is no mention of who made this claim (not even an unidentified senior American official). There is also no mention of any findings that lead to the accusations. And the rest of the article said nothing more about China other than it had the motives, means and “history” of doing so.

But not so fast, Law and Order. Because something smells suspiciously similar to past accusations about cyber espionage from China. In fact, when The New York Times broke a story back in July about how the U. S.  office of Personnel Management system was intruded, it accused China in a similar fashion, only that time quoting an “unnamed senior American official”. And after five months, there has been no update to the original story. And guess what, the public has forgotten about it and moved on to more important things like “15 Reasons Why Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Here to Stay “.

Now back to the USPS hack, notice how conveniently this article is published while Obama is in China at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Beijing. Guess who wants to pressure President Obama to bring this topic up in front of China’s leadership? readme’s hunch is that they are the same politicians who, let’s say, won’t give the President an easy pass. But hey what’s the harm with a little lie from time to time that no one is gonna catch?

Funny? Not Funny?

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