Memes About Ebola in America Spread Faster than Ebola in America Itself

But actually.
But actually.

Following the epidemic of the Ebola virus in Liberia, as well as many other areas of Africa, Ebola hype has taken the world of media by storm. The sudden surge in interest over the past few weeks is notable, not due to the obviously irrelevant fact that people only started paying attention when some American guy got infected, but rather to the veritable waterfall of Ebola-related memes that have spread across the Internet in the intermittent time.

Ebola, which has at least three related articles on Know Your Meme and several memetic pages on Facebook, has become the greatest danger to Internet society since the Doge Plague of 2013. In a stunning display of misplaced foresight, Fox News discussion board commenters have rallied to prevent the spread of Ebola memes into their community. Experts have stated, however, that these commenters are in fact at the lowest risk for this epidemic. Instead, other communities may be at a much higher risk.

Moderators at 4chan, 8chan, 16chan, 32chan, and progressively exponential siblings have discussed new ways to prevent the spread of terrible Ebola memes between boards. Quarantine has been raised as a potential solution; certainly, the moderators of /tg/ and /lit/ have good reason to protest the spread of “Ebola-Chan” and “Captain Ebola” to their “more civilized boards.” It has been reported that posters in /v/, a video-game discussion board, have ceased all Gabe Newell fat jokes and are instead praying to Half Life 3 for “deliverance from these really shitty memes.” However, even these measures may not be enough.

A part-time nurse at a hospital in Dallas, who wishes to stay Anonymous so that her mother can’t see her posting history, has come forth as infected with Ebola memes. IT staff at the hospital blame her condition on a poor Internet filter and a lack of proper education with respect to Internet culture. Ms. Anonymous has since begun bleeding image macros all over 4chan as well as leaving shitposts everywhere.

“I could have respected her a bit more if she’d just kept that crap in /b/,” said another Internet user, who also wished to stay Anonymous for fear of reprisal from companies such as Valve and Nintendo, who he has insulted in the past, and who obviously care a great deal about the inane mutterings of a greasy twenty-something living in his parents’ basement. “But once she started shitposting in /v/, the whole place went to hell. I almost miss the Mountain Dew and Doritos jokes now.

“At least she didn’t get the chance to spread it to /mlp/,” he added. “Have you seen how fast those bronies make may-mays? They’d have iPhone users texting each other some ponified Ebola-Chan picture and greentext by this time tomorrow.”

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