How to Lose Friends and Alienate (Decent) People

YouTuber Sam Pepper has achieved a great deal of notoriety for his prank videos that “raise awareness” about domestic violence and sexual, most by being violent and sexually assaulting people. So that you, too, might achieve Internet fame, here are a few prank ideas inspired by Pepper’s honest movement:

  • See how many people you can harass before you receive a restraining roder
  • Super-glue your hands to strangers’ body parts
  • See how many people you can harass before getting punched in the face
  • Drug your friend and make him believe his life is in danger by reenacting the Saw franchise
  • Lick as many people as possible before getting arrested, or dying from infection
  • Exploit people’s lack of consent for laughs
  • Throw a stranger’s child into a river
  • Push a friend off a balcony
  • Steal a starving person’s food
  • Call everything you do a “social experiment”
  • Call people who don’t understand or approve of your “social experiments” stupid
  • If that doesn’t work, say you’re raising awareness for domestic violence against men. That’ll let you get away with anything.

Funny? Not Funny?

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