Man Who Leaked Nude Pics Complains about Privacy

In the wake of the (not-so-) Great Celebrity Nude Leak of 2014, it’s important to be aware of the growing problem of Internet privacy violations. After all, everyone is entitled to some measure of privacy, no matter how famous they are. readme is, of course, referring to the heinous wrongs done onto Reddit user Johnsmcjohn, the hero who revealed to the world that celebrities, too, are naked underneath their clothes.

Johnsmcjohn, known sometimes to his friends as ‘John’, had posted stolen nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and McKayla Maroney to a Reddit sub-forum called /r/TheFappening (no, readme didn’t make up that name. Yes, it is okay to groan into your hands at that). He was reportedly quite pleased by the popularity of the forum, tweeting “Memorable Labor Day weekend” on Sunday evening when news of the photos began to spread.

John is, of course, humble about his Internet celebrity, as shown on his “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit, where he said, “On Sunday I created /r/TheFappening, the fastest growing subreddit in history.”

“I am not claiming to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author,” said John, “nor am I claiming to be famous. But I created the fastest growing sub in the history of [Reddit].” We can all only hope to reach such great heights.

John’s fame did come with a price, however. In the same Q&A session, John claimed that he felt uncomfortable with so many people knowing about his personal information, including his accounts on other websites. After the Washington Post profiled John, he angrily typed a message into the Internet void on how the article detailed personal information irrelevant to his work on Reddit. He did not understand, he said, why people were so willing to shame him for things he did privately on his personal time, for his own amusement, and which were in no way related to the material he chose to release to the general public.
To learn more about John’s views on this gross violation of his privacy, visit his Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blog, or numerous posts to Reddit’s dedicated cocaine forum (also not made up. Yeah…).

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