Freshman Speaks, Expects CMU to be “Cakewalk”


To welcome the incoming class of freshman, readme interviewed one of their member. John Smith is a former high school star who is now merely average, although it seems clear that he hasn’t realized it yet.


When asked about where he’s from, Smith replied with a reply readme has been hearing from freshman all over campus: “I’m from some suburb in the northeast, but no one knows where that is so I’ve just been saying New York/Washington/Boston. The high school I went to was pretty good but not great. Like, most people only went to places like Case Western or Cornell, with a handful going to Harvard or MIT.” readme almost pointed out the fact that most people going to college is an achievement in itself, but thought better of it.


Smith is in CIT, but is thinking about switching to SCS, which was his first choice all along. “You know, I put SCS as my first choice, but I think somehow it got mixed up in the application process. There’s no way they would have rejected me, with my membership in 12 clubs (six of which I founded), and over 9000 hours of service each year since I was a freshman. Not to mention my involvement in three varsity sports, my self-taught fluency in Esperanto, and the fact that I was first chair in both the orchestra and band. And don’t get me started on my SAT scores.” Quickly moving to cut him off at this point, readme turned the conversation to his current time at CMU.


“So far I’m taking like 54 units,  but I’m thinking of maybe tossing in 21-127. I mean, with a title like ‘Concepts of Mathematics,’ it has to be pretty basic, and it’ll look good when I apply to… Well, it’ll look good on my resume.” Pointing out that this is a lot of classes, readme had to refrain from giggling at the response. “Well, in high school, I took AP classes and still only had a few hours of homework a week. I’ve been on the advanced track since elementary school, and they always say the next level will be harder, but it never has been. I figure CMU will be a cakewalk.”


At last report, Smith was curled in a fetal position in Hunt, his screen covered with scraps of code and various error reports.

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