Take a look at the images from “readme illustrated”




the cover photo



Pictured above: Hannah Bitta lives with a passion for all things dance. Though her more pragmatic parents drove her to train as a Model at the University for Beautiful People, Hannah spent her nights off trying to reclaim her first love by freelancing dances for late-night Broadway productions. Pictured here, Hannah quit her 9-5 modeling gig in June 2013 by breaking out into dance on the catwalk of “Dressed to Kilt”. Since then she has been seen dancing on the sets of “Game of Thrones” as a concept fight-scene choreographer.  





Pictured above: Maurice spends his day doing three things: getting girls, lifting weights, and spending hours to make himself look this effortlessly gorgeous. He waited forty-five minutes before taking this picture for the sun to hit just the right angle to highlight his pecs, because he worked hard on those suckers.




Pictured above: Thatcherina loves motorcycles, plaid, and long walks on the beach. She has dreamed of being a model ever since the 6th grade, when she realized that her natural body was subpar compared to what it could be with limited caloric intake, surgical alterations, and makeup.




Pictured above: Ivan takes after the Russian side of his family and begins every day by practicing Judo and invading small countries from the rear. His favorite food is vodka. His favorite drink is the blood of his enemies. 

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