List: Classes new graduates wish they’d taken during undergrad

76-234: Intro to sounding literate at job interviews

15-397: Expressing things without using technical jargon

69-251: 4 basic meals I can make without burning them

45-293: What the hell is a 401K, balancing that goddamn checkbook, and other lessons in adult finance

15-000: How to explain to your grandmother what Snapchat is

60-215: How to polish up that transfer application

33-115: Intro to avoiding the consequences of gravity (tripping, falling, dropping everything, etc)

54-069: Being attractive to people you might want to have sex with instead of weird stalkers

03-760: The human mating ritual

79-115: Intro to avoiding the consequences of free speech

 79-324: Understanding basic politics to pick up chicks

80-121: Having patience with people who don’t believe in evolution

85-108: How to set aside time to do dishes every day, and tolerate the task while doing it.

79-777: Real-world wisdom from last year’s graduates

66-666: How to summon demons to do your bidding

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