Crime and Incident Report: MechE attacks student in Club Hunt

This crime alert is to inform the community about an incident that occurred in the Hunt Library.  On Sunday, October 13, 2013, at approximately 11:20 P.M., a member of our community was assaulted while working on her 213 assignment. The suspect threw a Mechanical Engineering textbook at the victim, resulting a no severe bodily harm aside from a newly acquired obsession with trusses.  


Several witnesses came to the victim’s aid and the suspect ran away, leaving her computer and other belongings behind and tearing at her hair while crying “W-J/rad??!”  A librarian caught the student hiding in the girls bathroom in the basement of the library, where she patted her slowly on the back saying, “why don’t you go home and get some sleep?”.  The victim was taken to the office of Mechanical Engineering to declare her new major.


This message is intended to advise you of the incident and to warn that Hunt has been the location of breakdown incidents.


Stay close to friends and do not allow yourself or others to interact with MechEs while studying.


Resist attempts to socialize by CIT students


Avoid using devices that impair your hearing or sight while working in the library.


Use the University Shuttle/Escort Service when possible.   


Report any crazed looking students to Student Health Services or refer them to readme for a writing position. 


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