Things you (or readme) should do before graduating

  1. Attend one or more classes.
  2. Shower (optional)
  3. Express disdain for someone in a different college/major.
  4. Feel secret jealousy for someone in your own major.
  5. Take a “class” at “Pitt”
  6. Express strong (negative) feelings about a student organization you’ve never actually interacted with.
  7. Throw up at Schatz.
  8. Successfully make yourself a waffle at Schatz (we dare you!)
  9. Wake up in a dorm you’ve never been to before or will ever go to again.
  10. Paint the fence
  11. Use the fence to make a vague political or artistic statement
  12. Take a picture of yourself next to Walking to the Sky; scoff with disdain at someone else doing the same thing.
  13. Get laid
  14. Write that last paper that you need to pass that last class so you can actually graduate
  15. Write an article for readme
  16. Watch the walks of shame begin on a Sunday morning
  17. Make a list (and check it twice)
  18. Eat off campus.
  19. Go to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when it’s bright, but not super bright.
  20. Learn your roommates names.
  21. Realize that readme is part of the Activities Board

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