This Tweet Has Been Deleted


A quickly-deleted flirtatious tweet to singer Cyndi Lauper by Democratic Representative Steve Cohen was recently announced to have been a publicity stunt to draw attention to a PBS documentary on the music scene in Memphis, which makes perfect sense given how the tweet didn’t mention PBS, the documentary, the music scene, or Memphis. Truly, it is the greatest sales pitch since Toys ‘R’ Us advertised its Tickle-Me Elmos by saying, “Save a tree. Hug a hobo!”

Cohen says the tweet was meant to promote the documentary by drawing attention to the news media’s focus on ‘salacious stories’. “It occurred to me that a perfectly innocent tweet, once deleted, would receive great media attention,” Cohen remarked of his tweet reading that he ‘couldn’t believe how hot u were. see you again next Tuesday.’, condemning the media’s efforts to “speciously interpret” this perfectly innocent tweet.

Holy shit, readme had no idea you could do this. This changes everything. In light of these new events, readme would like to go on the record saying that its earlier stalking of the Tartan was a publicity stunt meant to draw attention to the excellent sandwiches at Jimmy John’s. It simply occurred to readme that a perfectly innocent, factually-correct breaking into your place of residence to watch you while you sleep would receive great media attention, and readme is frankly hurt by the Tartan’s specious interpretation of my constant harassment as a restraining-order-worthy offense. It was all a part of readme’s master plan to sell sandwiches and you fell for it. Bet you feel stupid, now, huh?

Funny? Not Funny?

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