Features of readme’s Buggy



  • Driven by readme.
  • Pushed by readme.
  • The buggy itself is made of readme’s.
  • Faster than a speeding bullet
  • More powerful than a locomotive
  • Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • it’s a bird
  • it’s a plane
  • it’s Superman
  • Swift as a coursing river
  • Has all the force of a great typhoon
  • And all the strength of a raging fire
  • It’s mysterious as the dark side of the moon
  • Throws bannanas behind it ala MarioKart
  • Is buggier than a 110 student’s homework
  • Punching bags extend from its sides ala Speed Racer
  • Would also never wake up at 8am to watch itself
  • Actually qualifies for rolls
  • Can do a wheelie
  • Does not require a small, female driver
  • Has that guy from that class you once had as a pusher.
  • Has a whole team of pushers; none of them the fun kind.
  • Is horseless.
  • Will NOT “teach you how to buggy, teach you teach you how to buggy”
  • All its bitches love it.
  • Respects the posted speed limit.

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