Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is building the Titanic II, a full-sized, working replica of the original ocean liner, which will be launched in 2016.

This passenger-carrying ship will payhomage to the legendary unsinkable Titanic, who killed 1,502 people when it sank.

“But this one’s actually unsinkable, ”Palmer assured.

“There is no possible way this could go wrong,” Palmer added, thus ensuring that Fate destroy him. Palmer has also decided to make a hobby of walking under ladders while smashing mirrors on Friday the 13th. In an tribute to the first ship, there will be no lifeboats.

Titanic II is sure to be a moneymaker, says Palmer’s team. After a brief Google-search of market trends, the team concluded that people love spending long periods of time on reputed death-traps. Next, Palmer plans to launch the airplane Icarus.

The Titanic II will be better and stronger than the Titanic I. The North Atlantic Ocean has also promised that a better and stronger Iceberg II.

readme thinks the Titanic II could be the premise for a great movie, with a better and stronger Leonard DiCaprio. Maybe he’ll even get an Oscar!

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