The Next Air Bud Series


  • Air Bud: Golden Bereaver
  • Air France Bud: The Cockpit: It’s about the dog flying a plane with a rooster co-pilot, in all its straight to DVD glory
  • Babe 3: Bacon in the Big City
  • Air Bud 2: Electric Dogaloo
  • Curl Bud: It’s like Air Bud, but with curling
  • Air Bud Chess Team
  • Air Bud: Catsitter
  • Air Budget: dog learns to do taxes
  • Zero Dark Puppies
  • Air Spud
  • Fido Castro: doggie dictators!
  • Air Mud: Shit Hits the Fan
  • Air Crud: Gross
  • The Kibble Games
  • Fear and Barking in The Kennel
  • Con Air Bud
  • 100 Days of Air Bud
  • How to Train Your Air Bud
  • I, Doggy
  • X-Dogs: Origins (Air Bud)
  • Despicable Puppy

Funny? Not Funny?

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