IRS Star Trek parody: Still better than Star Trek V



In keeping with the proud tradition of criticizing organizations and individuals for poor decisions made years earlier while completely ignoring the poor decisions they’re making now, the IRS has recently come under fire from congressional investigators over a 2010 video which parodied Star Trek a la Galaxy Quest, though since it doesn’t star Tim Allen as a washed-up William Shatner stand-in, it automatically loses in that regard. Critics decried the video as a frivolous waste of the sixty thousand dollars of taxpayer money it cost, unlike the Gilligan’s Island parody the IRS made in the same year, which was of course one hundred percent necessary and not at all silly.

readme is forced to agree with the congressional investigators, though. What was the IRS thinking? McCoy and Spock would never get along that well! And why is McCoy in a command uniform anyways? He’s clearly unqualified for the position! Why does the landing party show up on the screen when the landing party traditionally uses communicators? And why is Spock’s first suggestion time travel despite him being the most concerned with not altering the flow of history the first time they tried? Oh, also, it was really, really stupid.

Although, really, readme can’t help but think this Star Trek idea could be a great opportunity for the IRS to revamp its image. Nobody wants to see a stern-faced IRS official in a foreboding suit knocking on their door, but they’d love it if the IRS official was wearing a Federation uniform. Or if there was a spot on the tax refund form to request ‘Tea, Earl Grey, hot’, or if audits had a setting for ‘stun’ instead of ‘bankrupt’. And, really, public approval of the IRS would skyrocket if they just adopted the Prime Directive in their daily workings

Plus, the switch would bring flocks of aging geeks to IRS recruitment drives. It would be a perfect fit; really, who would be more qualified to slog through endless logs of information and picking at every little inconsistency therein than hardcore Star Trek fanboys? Bonus: Star Trek conventions automatically become a deductible.

Funny? Not Funny?

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