Rapists Victimized by Courts

Recently, CNN brought us the heartbreaking story of two high school football players whose lives were ruined in a court case. All the boys’ hard work on the field and in school was thrown away by a cruel judge, who insisted on treating rape as a crime.

Steubenville, Ohio’s Trent Mays (256 yds/g) and Ma’lik Richmond (280yds/g) will now be branded for life as rapists, all because they raped a girl.

“It was incredibly difficult to watch as these two young men saw their lives fall apart,” reported CNN, adding that being a rapist can happen to anyone, and maybe the boys should be allowed to go free as long as the promise not to do it again.

CNN is organizing care packages for the boys and after discovering a deficiency of Hallmark cards for the occasion, is printing off a series of “Sorry You’re a Rapist”, “Wish You Weren’t Caught” and “Get out of Responsibility Soon” cards.

The fiasco is an important lesson on taking responsibility for your behavior, reporters announced, noting that if the boys had only been more responsible using social media, they might not have been caught. Mays and Richmond had shared photos of the rape and uploaded videos to Youtube.

“I wish I had listened to my parents when they told me to be careful what I post online,” said Mr. Mays, “I hope other kids learn from my mistake.”

CNN’s heart went out to Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond and the whole Steubenville football team, whose season will be severely hampered while the star players serve their time.

“I don’t understand why the whole team should be punished for a few people’s tomfoolery,” complained the Coach, “Is one felony worth throwing the Steubenville-Wintersville game?”

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