‘Valu Time’ and what to do with it.


Are you running out of time? Are the prices too high to buy yourself some more? Have you been finding the interest rates on borrowed time too much to bear? Well, worry no more with Valu Time® brand time products! Here at Valu Time® we know time is money, which is why we offer quality time products at every-minute low prices. Valu time® brand time is perfect for the sensible spender. Time may not fly, but it will glide just a little bit at a rate of minutes to the dollar!

There’s a million things you can do with your Valu Time® brand time! You could finish your laundry! Reorganize your spice cabinet! Catch a bus! Refresh your email! Don’t put off for five minutes what you could do right now! Just listen to some of our rave customer reviews! “It’s not the best of time, but it’s not the worst of time, either,” says one satisfied customer, “and it won’t dent your pocketbook!” Another says, “_____[okay, seriously, if anyone has any ideas, that would be awesome]”. And there’s no time like a present, because Valu Time® makes the perfect gift for friends and family!

Unlike other time products, Valu Time® brand time can be purchased for the low, low cost of $9.99! But wait! Order now, and we’ll double our offer, and throw in a Valu Time® brand Broken Clock™ (It’s right twice a day!), as seen on TV! But you’d better order fast! This special Valu Time™ deal waits for no man! Call our timeline now at 1-800-TIME-PLZ or order online at http://www.minute-to-bargainbin-it.com to claim your daylight savings.

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