Suffer (and Die) for Fashion


Scientists say that men’s overall body temperature tends to run hotter, while women tend to keep heat just in their cores, and have colder extremities. It seems like science’s way of forcing heterosexual couples to meet or freeze to death / spontaneously combust. (It also means that if your girlfriend seems like a cold-hearted bitch, her heart’s actually the only thing that’s warm).

readme joined the scientists for a cocktail party and discussed this further. (readme was dressed to the nines, tens, and all other page numbers).

“It makes perfect sense,” said Dr.Marcus Xiang, “the man putting his coataround a woman isn’t mere chivalry, it’s survival.”
Dr. Xiang himself was wearing a suit jacket, vest, and long sleeved shirt, as formality decreed. The rest of his words were cut off as his pant leg burst into flame and he discovered he had a fever of 300 degrees. “Just imagine how it’s shaped our society,” added his partner, Prof. Matilda Vein, who like all women there, sported a backless, sleeve-less, calf-length dress. “I’m sure there are all sorts of subtle ways in which our culture has responded to our different temp- temperature n-needs.”

As Dr. Xiang stepped away Prof. Vein’s lips turned blue and a thin layer of ice formed over her arms.

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