Who We Missed at the Activities Fair


  • Flailing Like an Idiot Club
  • Gladiator Club
  • Asian Self Awareness
  • i like pie club
  • CMU readme fan club
  • Chippendale’s (varsity league)
  • Kiwi’s enthusiast club (all kinds)
  • Cloudwatching club
  • Dragon Enthusiasts Club
  • Future Former Libertarians
  • White Male Student Association
  • People Crying for No Reason
  • Young Terrorists
  • Inappropriately Timed Music Club
  • Zombie Survival Club
  • Snuff Film Club
  • Seal Club
  • Free Food Finders
  • 251 club
  • BUSINESS club
  • Apocalypse Survival Club
  • Christmas Music Year-Round Club
  • Ninja Club
  • Fence Hoggers Club
  • Pogostick Club
  • Obfuscated Code Club
  • Sit Around and Do Homework Club
  • Wikipedia Battle Club
  • British Spelling Club

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