U.S. and allies call North Korea out for moves “too provocative”

American, South Korean, and Japanese officials drew together on Sunday to warn North Korea against any “provocative” moves. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, had announced an “important announcement” earlier that day, in possible reference to plans for a new nuclear bomb test. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was particularly excoriating on the subject.

“… [North Korea] will face significant consequences from the international community if it continues its behavior.” he told the press as he fielded calls between Korean and Japanese ambassadors. Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida shook his head sadly during his Skype session with Kerry, declining only to reiterate that “Certain moves are simply too provocative”.

North Korea shocked the world last April when its failed launch was accompanied by dancers daggering to Elton John’s classic song “Rocket Man”. The U.S. and its allies had sanctioned the use of any dances but the internationally approved sprinkler, and they vocally criticized what was otherwise a successful performance by the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Korean People’s Army.

This year, Kerry seems to have reason to believe that Kim Jung Un is looking to up the ante. “The highly sexually charged theme of last year’s dance moves were more reminiscent of his late father’s groove,” Kerry tweeted to the White House, “In this year’s launch, we have reason to believe Kim Jung Un will strive for a similarly sexualized but menacingly self-conscious direction with his choreography. It may get interpretive.”

The North Korean twitter last night published a short but cryptic response to the allegations: “Our Dear Leader is too authentic to end it.”

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