Walking to the Sky Quits

Last Saturday, the figures on Walking to the Sky turned around and started walking
away from the sky. Due to the snowy weather, and general boredom, the group,
headed by the Girl in the Yellow Skirt, decided to come back down to earth.

“I didn’t really think about it, upon on that pole,” admitted the Businessman,
warming his hands by a radiator “but it’s been forever since I’ve been inside – I
could have gotten frostbite. I should probably call my family, too.”

The University expressed some concern over the figures’ sudden desertion of
their posts, a move that has reduced the landmark statue to a bare metal pole.
CFA students have been asked find new symbolism that tour guides can attach to
the statue. However, the general consensus is that the reduction of Walking to the
Sky to a giant metal pole sticking out of the ground just makes the work look even
more phallic than usual. President Cohon coughed, cleared his throat, glanced at his
watch, and politely asked the figures if they would be getting back up there any time

Woman with a Brief Case said that it’s time for a change, “It’s been six years,” she
said ”You can’t really expect us to keep walking forever. At some point, you do reach
your destination.” It seems that, for the figures of Walking to the Sky, the sky’s the

Carnegie Mellon students, always ambivalent about the original statue, have
suggested that President Cohon embrace the development as a chance to make
some changes. Student Council is collecting votes on it’s site about what to do with
the pole: so far the most popular suggestions include turning Walking to the Sky into
a giant tetherball, and replacing the human figures with My Little Ponies.

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