LOL Cats Not LOL-ing

Recently LOL cats stepped out in public to ask if they can haz a break. A ridiculously
tiny ball of fluff, Mr. Kitty, paws-ed at a recent press conference to tell his tail. He
climbed up to the podium and almost rolled off in an adorably silly way that made
reporters coo, but his doctors say, is a result of a brain damage. Mr. Kitty revealed
the harsh demands of life as a LOL cat: the rigorous photo shoots, the stress of being
laughed at across the internet, and the constant pressure to find new silly outfits
to dress up in. He said he damaged his neck once after being required to wear a
pancake on his head for hours.

Lady Fluffykins, an adorably clumsy Siamese, said the work is making her go grey.
Reporters followed up on this, with hardball questions such as, “Who’s a cute widdle
grey kitty with a stress ulcer? Yes you are! yes you are!”

“Meow meow, mrrrr meow” Lady Fluffykins declared, which readme assumes
means “If you prick me, do I not bleed? If you try do work, do I not lay on top of it?”
The stress of being a LOL cat has already shortened eight of her nine lives.

As more kitties flopped on the podium and struck whimsical poses, it became clear
readme that the cats were suffering from neuroses and inner ear damage. Instead of
rushing one comically huge-eyed kitty to the hospital, readme snapped photos and
posted them online.

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