Buenos Aires World’s Largest Singles Club

In a move that surprised no one, the Guinness Book of World Records last month
declared Buenos Aires the world’s largest singles club. Since then, singles around
the world have been flocking to the city. As it gains popularity as a haven for
romantic hopefuls, Buenos Aires, long famous for soccer, is becoming known for a
new kind of game.

Already the city is getting a reputation as the place where singles can let down
their hair and stop pretending they like long walks on the beach. Romance advice
columnist J.J. Stone called Buenos Aires a “revolution” against traditional, forced
meet-and-greet activities like apple picking and wine-tasting. Here, many of his
readers have reported getting offers just by walking down the street.

“It’s such a nice city!” enthused Melissa Hugh, a young 20-something with blond hair
and great teeth, who loves cuddling and is passionate about baking “Bus drivers
take time out of transporting people to work to honk and wave at me, and men
mutter “pretty” as I pass them on the street. I just feel so appreciated, like people are
finally noticing how unique and special I am!” One Pennsylvanian single even wrote
in to say her waiter asked her out (“Now that’s service!”). In Buenos Aires, there are
no awkwardly planned meeting events: singles have to do nothing more than go
about their daily life to get picked up.

“Say ‘adios’ to 2-second interviews with potentials, and say ‘hola’ to a real good
time!” Buenos Aires announced in a recent tourist campaign. “If you’ve ever
obsessed over your match.com profile, if you change your interests every 30
seconds, it’s time for a Buenos Aires vacation!” the advertisement continued. Here, it
doesn’t matter what how you describe yourself or who you are, you just have to be

Porteños have even done away with the awkwardness of trying to guess if that cute
girl at the bar already has a boyfriend: as the natives’ wisdoms says, “if he’s not in
the room, she’s single”. And shy women don’t have to worry about showing interest;
just say anything to a man and that’s flirting.

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