Avoidance Drivers’ Ed

In an effort to reduce the high number of teen car crashes, Pennsylvania is once again raising the age requirement on driving licenses and ending Driver’s Ed.

“Teaching kids about driving only encourages them to drive,” said Mary Bellwater, coordinator of the Mount Lebanon School District. Following popular trends, Ms. Bellwater last month introduced a new philosophy of driver’s education in her district. It’s called “Avoidance Education”, said Bellwater of the new classes, which champion the slogan The Future is Safe. Following this philosophy, children starting in elementary school will be taught that cars are dangerous and the best way to avoid car crashes is not to drive. The one-month trial looks promising. After attending Avoidance Education, Tommy Mcllein, age 12, says he plans not to drive until he’s 60, “and maybe not even then.”

However the number of car crashes among teens has kept increasing. “We’ll really have to up the ante,” said Bellwater.

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