Worst Halloween Costumers

Is your Halloween costume a homemade paper bag over your head? Don’t worry, it could be worse. We’ll tell you how:

1. Plug and Socket couple’s costume – The man’s Plug slots into the woman’s Socket so you can simulated appliance sex at the party until you’re allowed to go home and have real sex

2. Night Wing Spider women’s costume – As the title shamelessly admits, someone just threw their leftover costume pieces together and tried to sell it. Featuring wings, webs, and a miniskirt, the costume is so vague that not even the sellers have an idea what it’s supposed to be. Halloween Express guessed that it was either “gothic spider webbed dark fairy or pixie with bat wings.” Thanks, that clears it up.


3. Miss Edward Scissorhands sexy women’s costume – courtesy of Buy Costumes, this sassy, sexy lady will cut your balls off.

Funny? Not Funny?

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