Ways to Recycle Your Old Halloween Costumes


  1. If you were a robot pack up your costume inside the box it was
  2. If you wore a sexy pirate costume, die from lead poisoning
  3. if you were a ninja you probably can’t find the costume anyway. Or yourself. If it’sthat stealthy.
  4. If you were a presidential candidate, assume a position in government; you’ll be more popular than the current candidates. Alternatively, get a sexy pirate costume, then die.
  5. If you just are a sexy pirate, take your booty elsewhere
  6. Prostitute yourself
  7. Turn that frown upside down
  8. Separate your glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic ahead of time. Remember, #4 plastic (LDPE) is not accepted by many municipal recycling programs.
  9. Just wear it again, it’s retro now
  10. Use last year’s elaborate ghost costume as part of a bedsheet rope to escape from rampant consumerism
  11. No, really, it still fits you, go ahead
  12. Turn that frown upside down

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