Livestrong Bracelets Fans Shattered by Illegal Resin Ring

The Livestrong bracelet has long been long considered an American icon for its achievement in the French-dominated world of fleeting fashion trends despite its earlier struggle with terminal tackiness. “It was a living testament to the enduring nature of human fashion,” says one expert, “a reminder that, no matter how ugly a rubber bracelet might look on one’s wrist, people will wear it anyways.” Particularly admirable was the Livestrong bracelet’s stance to avoid using fashion-enhancing drugs like silicone resin.

However, the Livestrong bracelet was recently convicted of running a massive resin-pushing ring, converting hotel rooms into polymerization labs and supplying its fellow bracelets underneath the nose of fashion officials  Evidencecomes from numerous composition tests and testimonials from its teammates. “It was the Livestrong bracelet’s story that made me want to become a fad,” says a bracelet promoting leukemia awareness, “When I joined its team, I was ecstatic. But the fashion trend world wasn’t as clean as everybody thought. There was this constant pressure to use resin. I had to do it to be a part of the team.”

Fans of the bracelet were devastated by this news. To some, it is nothing but a betrayal of the very values the Livestrong bracelet claimed to embody. “The Livestrong bracelet was my childhood icon,” one tearful ex-fan proclaims, “I wore it everywhere. Some of my fondest memories include me wearing that bracelet. I feel like my memories are tainted now.”

There are those who still believe in the Livestrong bracelet, however. One defender says, “Yes, it’s safe to say the Livestrong bracelet wasn’t as amazing as we thought it was. But it still did a lot of good for the world. It still inspired other bracelets to take a stand. I don’t think we can ignore that.”

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